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    Coated Dryers

    ESSAR has established a leading position in design and supply of Screw Conveyor to various industries. Screw conveyor are positive material movement mechanical device employed in almost all industries.

    Powder,Grain,Wet & sticky material also can be transposted temperature range is 250 C. Horizontal,inclined & vertical traspostation is possible RH & LH screws as customers requiredment. 30-45 & filling for U- trough 80-90% filling for tubular casing. Screw conveyor components performance proved screw conveyors are ruggedly built and accuretly manufactured to assure complete dependability as well as versality required to meet a wide range of job arrangements.

     Range of Product

    • From 30mm to 1000mm constent and variable pitch
    • Single length with out hanger barring is 5 to 6 mtr long
    • NO limitations o length if hanger barring is intradused
    • Capacity -max 350TPH

     Special Features

    • Unit roughed / tubular cassing
    • Unit direction / Reversal
    • With out hanger bearing up to 6 mtr long
    • Hanger barring in every 6 mtr long
    • Capacity from 10 Tph to 300 Tph
    • Hard facing as trough for Abrasive material up to 300-500 BHN
    • Eqpt protect by zero speed switch fixed at Tailend.

     Silent Features

    • Reliability
    • Efficiency
    • Low power conjumtion
    • Easy availebility of spare parts
    • Design for continious operation as minimum mentainance

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