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    Coated Dryers

    Cyclone seperator is equipment which extracts the dust form the generating points and retains dust particles inside the dust collectors and lets clean air to the atmosphere. Cyclone seperator varies widely in design, operation, according to the nature and quantum of the dust generated. Some of them are Bag House Filters or Bag Filters, Cyclones, Wet Scrubbers, Baffle chamber, ESP etc. Filter Media vary depending upon the specific nature of the dust and temperature. We are enlisted amongst the prime Dust Collectors Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

    Bag Filters are widely used in Cement Factories, Minerals Processing Operations, Steel Plants and many more places because they provide high collection efficiency. Air is cleaned by passing through filters usually a fabric type is used. The cleaning of bags is done by Pulse Jet, Mechanical Shaking, and Reverse Air Flow Systems.

    Cyclones Dust Collectors are used where less quantity coarser dust particles are generated as in Woodworking, Metal Grinding, or Machining. Cyclones are used as pre collectors to reduce the loading in bags. Baffle Chamber is used when high efficiency is not considered or used as pre collectors.

     Cyclone dust collector has various advantages:

    • Reliable and Low maintenance.
    • No combustible filters
    • Hot dust/chips can be handled safely

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