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    Coated Dryers

    ESSAR one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of centrifugal blowers. Centrifugal Blower is an indispensable equipment for air pollution systems. We manufacture a quality range of industrial fans which include ID fans, FD fans, SA fans and the mechanical construction of a centrifugal blower that provides maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance. The fans are manufacture MS, SS, PP &FRP and Aluminum of venous grades. Centrifugal blowers of both SISW and DIDW types. ESSAR fan impeller is statically and dynamically balanced as for IS 4894 standards.

    Centrifugal blowers are offered in 3 types such as high pressure, medium pressure, low-pressure blowers. Our Centrifugal Blowers are specially designed with different Curves and different widths such as Backward Inclined, Backward curve, Radial tip, Forward curved blade blowers, and etc. We also supply Multi-stage blade blowers, this blowers meet different duty conditions with low pressure, medium pressure, high-pressure applications. Our centrifugal blowers are highly acknowledged for its features like low maintenance heavy-duty noiseless operation and efficiency. For wear resistance for impeller, we provide hard facing. Also, we make the impeller from Sailme/Hordox material.

     Range of Product

    • Our blower static pressure range from 10 mmWG to 1500 mmWG.
    • Our blower cappacity range from 100 m3/hr to 5,00,000 m3/hr.
    • Our blower temperature range 0 to 500 c.

     Special Features

    • We are provided DIDW & SISW blowers.
    • High effeciency Low maintenance.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Low noise level.
    • Impeller is staticaly and dynamicaly balanced.
    • The fans are available in Direct drive. V belt Coupled drive.
    • We provide hard fasing by Sailma /Hordox for wear resistance.
    • Economic design & affordable & competative price for our cutomer.

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