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  • Best Grain Dryer Manufacturers in India

    Best Grain Dryer Manufacturers in India

    Best Grain Dryer Manufacturers in India, For over ten years Essar Air Systems have been involved in many aspects grain dryers and systems. We offer advanced grain dryers designed and built by ourselves which in many cases are specific requirement to individual requirement thereby incorporating constraints within the grain storage area. Used to dry grain and seeds to estimate hulling and recovery of different kinds of grain.

    The drying time will vary depending on the application. Under the guidance of experts, grain dryer should be tested. The outer cabinet and control panel is fabricated with stainless steel material. The optional sieves are available in brass and stainless with a variety of mesh sizes. The name Essar Air Systems, "Best Grain Dryer Manufacturers in India" is known far beyond an experienced innovator, designer of new grain dryers.

    Advantages of Grain Dryers:

    • No startup & shutdown problems
    • Modern & Innovative construction
    • Accurate dosing of seed & dressing
    • Short time for cleaning

    Features of Grain Dryers:

    • High Efficiency
    • Durable and dynamic balancing
    • Soundless working
    • Less energy consumption